What’s New?

What’s behind the glass doors?

dual bee boxesJust take a look at the new items that have arrived.

And see if you can guess what Linda re-purposed to create these unique plant stands.

The area rugs are here!

20160319_140719_001These Kaleen area rugs are more beautiful and textured than we remembered!

Just pull one of the samples off the display and take it home.  Or use it to determine what the larger area rug you’ve been dreaming of will look like1


And the boxes just keep coming!
Side tables from Bramble furniture. Very pretty.

Check out the new side tables, urns and mirrors that arrived this week.

We’re warning you, you’re going to want to start making a shopping list!

Moving In: Bits & Pieces
Lots to see!

We’re starting to move into our new store at 2524 Nob Hill Boulevard.

Yup!  It’s a mess, but just take a look at all the unusual items we’re going to eventually stack on our shelves… once they get here!

Our First Shipments
Distressed wall clock
Look what’s arrived!

The goodies started to arrive at home.

We couldn’t wait to open the boxes and see what’s inside.